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   Second Mortgage

Canadian Second Mortgage

A Canadian second mortgage is one which is taken out on a property which currently has one mortgage. It is focused on giving priority to the completion of the amount of claims given to the previous mortgage. Furthermore, Canadian second mortgages are dependent to the lien made by the first one.

With regard to its characteristics, a Canadian second mortgage has an interest rate which is stable. Its fixed rate depends on factors like the present rate of the property in the market, the general amount of interest rates, and the personal credit record of the borrower. With respect to the terms available in this kind of mortgage, a borrower can select from a range of 5 years up to 25 years. This of course depends on certain considerations regarding cash flow like the ability of the borrower to pay.

Furthermore, borrowers can use second mortgages for a variety of needs. Individuals who plan to do some home improvement frequently use this kind of mortgage. Similarly, those who plan to invest in a business, and those who want to raise cash make use of second mortgages. Furthermore, in an event wherein a borrower has sold his home, he can take out a second mortgage to make a much smaller down payment in a first mortgage.

Moving on, another benefit given by a Canadian second mortgage is the ability to give borrowers a certain time to be free from tax. This is due to the fact that the interest that is paid can be tax deductible up to a significantly high percent of the amount loaned.

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The second mortgage process takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete from the application date to your closing date, but if you are in a hurry - we can get it done faster!

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