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Clearview Mortgage Corporation
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Shaping the Industry

Clearview Mortgage Corporation works closely together with major lenders in Canada not only finding the best overall products, but also developing new and innovative products for the consumer market. As a national company, they have the privilege of making these products available to the entire country. This gives Clearview Mortgage Corporation great pride in knowing they are capable of not only influencing the mortgage industry in Canada, but also making sure that more products and services are available in the future.


One of Clearview Mortgage Corporation main objectives is to educate the Canadian public about mortgage brokers. With the various options that consumers have today, mortgage brokers should not be a mystery. Their national experienced mortgage brokers are well respected throughout the mortgage and finance industry, and have been able to secure better financing for clients for many years. Since their inception, Clearview Mortgage Corporation have grown steadily to cover all provinces and territories. Their ultimate mission is to be the top provider for discount mortgage products in Canada.


Clearview Mortgage Corporation Inc was formed by a group of mortgage professionals in with the vision to expand the mortgage market and to be a front-runner with major banking institutions. As one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in Canada, they are proud to boast that they have increased general public awareness about the benefits of using mortgage brokers.


Value in the mortgage industry is usually defined by one thing - a low interest rate. It has only been until recently that the major banks in this country have decided to offer rates below posted. Clearview Mortgage Corporation has been offering and advertising the lowest mortgage rates since day one!

Clearview Mortgage Corporation believes offering great rates is just the beginning. Giving clients better terms, faster service, less hassle, along with professional advice and tips is how they add value.


In any business, trust is the fundamental key of a company's success. When it comes to mortgage financing, this practice is invaluable to a company's prosperity. Clearview Mortgage Corporation goes the distance to earn your trust; they want your business today and in the future. Here are some of the institutions and programs that the Clearview Mortgage Corporation supports or has adopted:

  • Member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)
  • Internal Privacy Policies


Clearview Mortgage Corporation has also developed a clear and concise Internet privacy policy; your personal information stays personal and is only released to our approved lenders in each Canadian Province. Your personal information, mortgage application and email address is never sold for third party uses.


Clearview Mortgage Corporation is committed to providing you the best possible service in the mortgage industry. They will provide you with the lowest rates along with great mortgage options. And rates and service based on your ability to pay your mortgage, not the amount of investments you have. Clearview Mortgage Corporation believes everyone deserves a good mortgage.


Clearview Mortgage Corporation Inc has a strong community presence. Many of their brokers are involved in some aspects of local government, school and community organizations.

Highest Standards

Clearview Mortgage Corporation adheres to the highest standards in the mortgage industry. They truly put the client first! A client's best interest is more important to their brokers than a commission. They want your business today and in the future.

Mortgage companies are usually gauged by low rates; we will not only find you the lowest rates possible, but also show you how to pay your mortgage off faster. At the end of the day, that's every mortgage holder's objective!

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